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HACC 2021 offered residents an opportunity to meet and talk with Hertford residents with personal experience on a variety of different aspect of tackling climate change with stalls at Friends Meeting House (50 Railway Street) and at Bircherley Green. 

All information that was handed out on the day is now available to download via the links below:

How do I make choices about food to cut carbon?   

Stall 1 (Friends Courtyard)


PDF | How do I make choices about food to cut carbon?

How can my garden help tackle climate change?
How do we create a healthier Hertford?

Stall 3 (Friends Courtyard)


PDF | Healthier Hertford Information

How do we talk to each other about climate change? 
How do I buy in a more planet friendly way?

Stall 5 (Bircherley Green)


PDF | Information

PDF | Resources

How do I use 2 wheels and 4 wheels to reduce my climate impact?

Stall 6 (Bircherley Green)


PDF | FAQs about buying an Electric Vehicle

How do I make my home lower carbon?

Stall 7 (Bircherley Green)


PDF | Making where I live into a Low Carbon Home

How can I use my money to help tackle climate change? 

Stall 8 (Bircherley Green)


Coming Soon

Children’s Activities

Garden behind Friends Meeting House

Conversation / Chill Out Area

Friends Meeting House 

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