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On September 25th 2021, a group of concerned residents organised "Hertford and our Changing Climate" (HACC 2021); a free, one-day drop-in  event designed for local residents with concerns about climate change but did not know where to begin - encouraging positive local action and engage in meaningful conversations with friendly faces and those with experience.


A series of fun and informative stalls, competitions, talks, discussions, run by and for people of all ages living in and around Hertford


To offer food for thought and options for practical steps towards a thriving and sustainable future for us all


Learning and doing more together to make a real and positive difference in and around Hertford, as the world starts to get to grips with our changing climate


HACC 2021 hosted a series of talks and discussions to offers ideas and answer resident's questions on a variety of different aspects of tackling climate change. These talks are now available via our YouTube channel can be seen via our Talks & Videos page.


HACC 2021 offered residents an opportunity to meet and talk with Hertford residents with personal experience on a variety of different aspect of tackling climate change with stalls at Friends Meeting House (50 Railway Street) and at Bircherley Green. 

All information that was handed out on the day is now available to download via our Stalls & Handouts page.


Many people contributed in different ways to help make HACC 2021 the success that it was.

The organisers are grateful to all involved but wish to extend special thanks for their support to:

  • Our Guest Speakers:

    • Maddy Pearson and Maddy Pickup

    • Simon Smith

    • Anna Hughes

    • Andrei Lussmann

  • Linda Meehan - Environmental Sustainability Policy & Projects for East Herts District Council.

  • Sally Newton - Leader for East Herts Town Council

  • Lynne and Joe Sampson

  • Emily Spinks of SpinKreative

  • Hertford Coffee Lab

  • Iron's Dry Cleaners

  • Natural Health Hertford

  • The Oxfam Bookship, Hertford

  • WHSmith, Hertford

  • The Leaf Café

...and all the residents of Hertfordshire who attended.

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