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A series of 30-minute talks and discussions to offer ideas and answer your questions on a variety of aspects of tackling climate change. 

Hertford and our Changing Climate is a free, drop-in event.  If you’re concerned about climate change but don’t know where to start, this event is for you. Entry to the event is free and no ticket is required. Registration will allow you to receive the latest schedule and stall information ahead of the event.

Can individual steps make planetary strides?
Two Maddys on the power of one person.

Speaker(s): Maddy Pearson & Maddy Pickup

Time: 12.00

Making where I live into a low carbon home

Speaker(s): Dick Warn & Maura Connolly

Time: 12.45

How green is my garden? Top tips to tackle climate change.

Speaker(s): Simon Smith

Time: 13.30

How do I fly less and have more fun?

Speaker(s): Anna Hughes

Time: 14.15

The pros and cons of electric vehicles.

Speaker(s): Ray Bomber & Dick Warn

Time: 15.00

How do I make sustainable food choices?

Speaker(s): Andrei Lussmann

Time: 15.45

Young people’s panel.

Facilitated by: Luke Groves-Davis

Time: 16.30


Time: 17.30

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